Resolving Arizona Auto Insurance Claims
& Coverage Problems

Many people try to save money on attorney fees by handling their own auto accident cases. They think that when clear evidence of the other driver’s liability is available from police or witness statements, settling on favorable terms with that driver’s insurer will be easy. In reality, that’s when the hardest work usually starts.

Insurance Adjusters Are Not Your Friends. They Often Seek Statements and Other Information that They Can Use to Their Advantage Against You.

Friendly insurance adjusters often seek to elicit damaging information from accident victims, who may believe that this information is simply being used to “close the claim” so that payment may be made.  In reality, the insurance adjuster may be seeking to show that you are at fault, or to minimize the amount of damages that you sustained.

Although it may appear clear as to who is at fault, insurance companies do not necessarily accept this proof.  More likely, the insurance company for the person responsible for causing your accident may seek to deny all liability.  This may be especially true if the accident victim is not being represented by legal counsel.

Settling claims with auto insurance companies isn’t a poker game — it simply doesn’t work to assume that you’ll ask for $75,000 and settle for $50,000.  A claims adjuster isn’t likely to offer more than the amount that you can prove in court, and in fact, they may offer you much less than you would likely win in court.  They know that most people don’t want to go to court or wait to be compensated for their injuries.

Problems with Auto Insurance Carriers

In addition to obtaining payment from the insurance company for the person causing the accident, people commonly run into problems with auto insurance carriers in three different ways:

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