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Home to world-class cycling events such as El Tour de Tucson, bicycling is a popular activity in Tucson, especially among students at the University of Arizona and Pima College.  Our warm weather, great scenery, and few rainy days all contribute to the popularity of bicycling.

Unfortunately, many cyclists are injured while biking.  When the accident  involves a car, truck, or other vehicle, even low speed cycling accidents can result in serious, and sometimes fatal, injuries to the bicyclist, particularly as cyclists are relatively unprotected.

Injuries caused by a cycling accident often include:

Investigating the Cause of a Cycling Accident

When a cycling accident occurs, it’s critical to carefully investigate all aspects of the accident.  Often, there are multiple contributing factors. These factors can range from driver negligence (such as failing to carefully look for cyclists before making a turn or entering into an intersection), dangerous roadway conditions, improperly working traffic signals, other drivers, and other factors.

As a lawyer for bicycling accident victims, my job is to carefully investigate all aspects of a cycling accident. Often this involves hiring experts such as accident reconstructions.  Once a thorough investigation has been conducted, I then seek to hold all parties who have contributed to the accident liable for their share of the damages and injuries sustained.

Representing Bicycling Accident Victims

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