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The Devastating Effect of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries can have a devastating effect on both the injured individual and the individual’s family. TBI injuries can result in severe physical impairment, such as paralysis and other physical motor issues, and sometimes also impairment to the portions of the brain that affect mood and emotions.

Unlike many other physical injuries, brain injuries can take months or years to heal, and sometimes may be permanent.  Often the prognosis for TBI injuries is uncertain; some injured victims may heal completely or nearly completely, while others may never fully recover.

Because of the severe damage and uncertainty concerning recovery, brain injury cases must be thoroughly investigated so that all individuals and entities responsible for causing the injury may be held fully accountable for their negligence. Once we determine those who we believe are responsible for the injuries, we seek to recover for our clients the full measure of damages sustained by them and by their families.

Defendants and Insurance Companies Fight Back

Severe TBI injuries can result in damages that may last a lifetime.  These damages can include pain and suffering, medical bills,  and loss of income, which can often exceed a million dollars in the case of severe brain injuries. If the individual is married, the spouse may also be legally entitled to damages.

Because of the potentially high amount of damages, defendants and their insurance companies typically fight aggressively in litigation.  Often they seek to deny all liability. In some cases, they seek to shift blame onto the injured victim.  They also often dispute the severity of the injuries and/or the amount of damages that are likely to be sustained.

We understand these tactics.

In the course of litigation, we work hard to prove each and every aspect of the cases of our clients so that they can obtain the full amount of damages to which they may be due.

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