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In general, property owners have a duty to keep their property safe so that injuries do not occur to those on the property.  When a person is hurt on property belonging to another, the person hurt may have a claim against the property owner.

This general rule, however, has many exceptions.  Further, whether the individual hurt may have a strong claim will be dependent upon conditions specific to the individual.  A claim may be brought on behalf of a child, for example, who may not have recognized a potentially dangerous condition (such as a swimming pool), while an adult may have a much more difficult time in prevailing for a similar type of claim, as adults are expected to recognize certain conditions that may be inherently dangerous.

Dangerous Property Claims Can Be Highly Fact-Specific

These cases often involve highly technical legal issues concerning the nature and limits of a property owner’s responsibility to maintain their premises in a safe condition. Premises liability litigation often comes down to comparing the defendant’s responsibility to keep property in a reasonably safe condition against the plaintiff’s general responsibility to watch where they’re going.

Where one responsibility ends and the other begins depends a great deal on the facts of a given situation.  As a result, in the typical case involving injuries caused by dangerous property conditions, the defense can be expected to claim that the accident resulted primarily from the injured party’s own carelessness.

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