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Certain models of SUVs, pickup trucks, and off-road vehicles are known to present elevated risks of instability and rollover. Sometimes this tendency relates to the vehicle’s high center of gravity, and sometimes it relates to weight distribution while accelerating, cornering, or experiencing a tire blowout.

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No matter the cause, rollovers are typically serious accidents that can be made even worse if the roof and/or doors are flattened or crushed upon impact. If you need advice about your options for compensation after a rollover accident in Arizona, contact us.

Proving Negligence in a Rollover Accident

Unlike standard car accident litigation, rollover lawsuits are product liability claims which will usually involve bringing claims against auto or truck manufacturers. You can count on  at Flynn Law and our consulting technical experts to find design or manufacturing defects in your own vehicle or in the tires on any of the vehicles involved in a crash.

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