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Unfortunately, the elderly and those who suffer from financial and mental impairment can often become victims and exploited by those their care is entrusted.  Unlike most of of our population, these people have a limited ability to understand or appreciate that they are being exploited, and often are unable to protect themselves.

For These Reasons, Exploitation of the Impaired is a Particularly Egregious Offense.

Tucson Vulnerable Adult Abuse AttorneyWhen such exploitation occurs, we vigorously represent the victims in seeking justice against those responsible.  When the victims are in treatment or care facilities, we seek to hold those responsible for measures of damages that our clients sustained.

In some instances, if the exploitation prices to the degree of a crime, we may, at the behalf of our client or their guardian, notify the authorities for possible criminal prosecution.

At Flynn Law, we strongly believe in advocating for the rights of the vulnerable and disabled.  We know that the vulnerable may one day include ourselves or our family members, and that we as a society have an obligation to stop exploitation and abuse him from continuing to occur.

If you believe that a family member has been exploited at a nursing home, care facility, group home, or by any other person in their care has been entrusted, please contact us.  We will meet with you on a no fee, no obligation basis at your convenience.  At this time you can tell us about such exploitation or abuse, and we can advise you of the courses of action that may be available for seeking just compensation and other measures.

If we serve as the law firm for the person who has been abused or exploited, we will do so on a contingency basis.  This means that no fees will be due unless and until we recover a settlement or judgment.

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