What Damages May Be Recovered in a Nursing Home Negligence Case?

The damages that a person may be entitled to receive in a nursing home negligence case will be highly dependent upon the injuries that the victim sustained.  In general, these damages may consist of the following:

This is only a partial list of damages that may be recovered.

In a court case, it is usually up to a jury to determine the exact amount of damages to be awarded.  as a result, in addition to seeking to prove liability, we also seek to show the true amount of damages that our client has suffered, and seek from the jury the maximum amount of damages to which our client may be entitled.

Punitive damages may be awarded by a jury in some cases in which they find that egregious conduct has occurred.  This conduct may consist of actions or inaction that is so far outside the course of normal conduct as to be deemed shocking, or that is the result of repeated injuries in which the defendant did not take any steps to prevent.

Every nursing home negligence case is unique.  If you were a family member has been injured by the possible negligence of the nursing home, please call our firm so that we can meet with you at your convenience.  Once we learn about the facts and circumstances of your case, we can advise you as to the strength of your case, and what must be done in order to recover.

If you hire our firm, we will investigate your case thoroughly.  If the facts suggest that a case for nursing home negligence exists, our firm can seek to recover for your injuries from all those who may be responsible.  We will serve as legal counsel on a contingency fee-based, which means that there are no fees that will be owed to us unless and until we recover for you.